GraveAT9's Forgotten Realms

Week Two: A hairy situation

More trouble for the town of Truesilver

The party had recently returned to Truesilver after retrieving the Sun Stone. As they separated they began to check out the town and the damage from the previous nights attack. Warren and Sena headed towards the Mayor’s Estate which apparently had been the focus of the explosion that signaled the orc attack. Guards bared the way to the estate but were stretched thin with all their other tasks. Warren offered his services to the guards and he and Sena took up post to keep others away from the estate. It seemed the guards wanted to keep the news of the Mayor’s death quite as long as they could, but the party had already heard this news from the Church of Lathander.

Raegar and Heimdall took to the streets upon their return searching for any half-orcs they believed could have information on the attack and how the orcs caused the explosion. Their first lead took them to a blacksmith called “The Bronze Anvil”, where a half-orc, Ertoe, worked the counter. Unfortunately he had no info of use to the brothers, his only advice was to question a half-orc who had been imprisoned the day of the festival for getting into a barfight. Both Heimdall and Reagar headed towards the prison to investigate this new lead.

Daffy decided to relax at the Catapult Slug telling the fortunes of any who would listen with his tarot deck. One brave man stood up and accepted a reading, which gave him grave news as the cards forewarned of the loss of a loved one due to his actions. The man was visibly shaken by the fortune as it seemed to strike a nerve and he left the bar.

Shortly after a messenger from Lathander approached Warren and Sena. It would seem the Church needed assistance once again. Upon gathering the group and heading to the church the party discovered grave news. They had sent a group of guards with a few of their clerics to collect the orcs and bring them closer to town to feel the effects of the stone until a more permanent situation could be arranged. The journey should have only been a few hours and the clerics were to send animal messengers once they reached the orcs, but the message never came. So the party was tasked to head back to the cave and search for the missing clerics.

Travel went smoothly until the party reached the forest. They began searching for tracks the party may have led, and Daffy detected a hint of magic further down the tree line. As he cautiously approached the source of magic, he found it was Blue, his pseudo-dragon, with an orcish javelin through his right wing. Upon treating in with some potions he carried it back to the party where Waren and Sena had picked up the party’s trail.

The party followed the trail which was headed in the direction of the orc cave, but as they approached a small clearing they found a few bodies laying face down. As they investigated they also found the bodies of a few wolves, but an eerie howl interrupted their investigation as three wolves attacked. The wolves were dispatched after a few seconds with only a few wounds inflicted upon the party. As the last wolf fell the party heard a voice yell out, “You’ve killed my children you foul beings!” in common. As a large wolf, with fur as black as night and red glowing runes covering its body, burst out from a thick area of trees. It howled at the party and made an amazingly fast dash towards the party, sinking its fangs into Warren and Reagar with a quick bite as it went. The party landed a few hits as it ran by and headed in the direction of the orc cave.

The party gave chase, and upon reaching the entrance to the cave they found more of the missing party laying face down. As they checked the bodies the found one of the clerics still had a weak pulse. They used what healing they could muster as Warrens sacred touch brought the cleric back from the brink of death. He showed his gratitude to the party with healing of his own and a blessing from Lathander and agreed to wait for the party to deal with the beast inside.

As they ventured inside they encountered two smaller wolves, which they dispatched with ease and continued down to the sick area where the group of orcs had hold up upon the groups first visit. A grim sight filled their eyes as the room was littered with the bodies of the orcs. The large rune covered wolf stood at the back of the room growling menacing as three more smaller wolves approached the party. Sena’s halo which had been giving light to the party started to fade as the large wolf gave a low howl. Daffy took charge and cast Color Spray but was only successful in knocking out one wolf. Reagar and Heimdall rushed in next taking on the other two wolves their hammers raining down death on the beasts. Sena, aware of her partners lack of light, cast light upon him once again filling the room with light. Warren then rushed in and smote the larger wolf with the power of Torm. The beast then charged at the group with a flurry of furry attacks, sinking its fangs into Warren and Heimdall.

As the fight continued, Warren struck a devastating blow to the wolf. The dwarfs took advantage of the opening and brought their hammers to either side of its head, and with a bone chilling crunch, shattered its skull. It howled with pain as its life slipped away, hair began to rapidly fall away from the beast until a female human corpse was the one laying on the ground. The party then realized the danger they had just encountered was in fact a lycanthrope.

After finding the only other remaining cleric cowering in a crevice of the cave the party returned hoping to receive some magical aide against the curse flowing in their veins. The church of Lathander did not have the resources to provide a cure for this affliction but quickly warned the afflicted members to accept detainment as a full moon was expected and fast approaching. All accepted this fate. Raegar was able to fight off the curse that night. Warren had Sena’s aid to keep him from turning, but he was still afflicted by the curse. Heimdall gave into the bestial force inside him. Luckily the bars held and the two did not cause harm to anyone else.

Now the party seeks Sundabar, where a church of Torm may be able to give them aide. But how will their trip fair? What of the promise Warren made to the orc chief Goretusk? Is the Lycanthrope just another coincidence in what seems like a streak of bad luck for Truesilver? Find out more this Tuesday at 7PM EST Here!


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