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Week Three: A favor for a favor

Our hero's seek healing but nothing is free...

Our journey began with our hero’s setting off on the three day journey to Sundabar. Warren and Sena had purchased a pair of horses along with a decent sized wagon for the trip, in which Daffy, Heimdal and Raegar spent most of the journey. Both Heimdal and Raegar had drank more then their share of ale and past out before they even left the city.

The first day of travel went very smoothly even though the weather had worsened over the course of the day. Warren, Sena and Daffy were able to keep the group headed in the right direction using the river as their guide, both Heimdal and Raegar never budged from their alcohol induced slumber. That night they took a longer time to set up camp as neither dwarf seemed capable of guard duty, Daffy would watch for most of the night and sleep in the wagon during the morning.

As the first half of his watch dwindled by, Daffy spotted two humanoid figures nearing the camp. He woke both Warren and Sena as he suspected trouble was inbound, but Warren politely approached the pair and inquired about their travel. Both of the travelers were clad in black traveling robes which were adorned with bright green arcane markings. The taller figure spoke first, his voice soothing and calm, like Sena this traveler seemed to be an Asamair. The party also noticed a trinket hanging from his hip, it seemed to be a black and roughly the size of a human head but no inquires were made to its purpose. After a while of talking the party learned that the two preferred to travel by night and had just happened to cross near the party, then they soon continued their journey and left our hero’s to their slumber. All the party noticed from the other traveler were a pair of hand crossbows on either side of his hip.

The next two days proved rather uneventful and the party safely made it to Sundabar. Strangely both Heimdal and Raegar had not woken once during the trip. Once Warren got the party admitted to the city near dusk the dwarfs were taken to a cheap inn in hopes they could sleep off whatever had them incapacitated. Daffy turned down Warren’s offer of a place to stay and opted to sleep in the stables with the horses after experiencing the discrimination of most of the guards they met.

When morning came the party gathered at the Temple of Torm in hopes the church would cure the curse afflicting half the party. Brother Kyle, one of Warren’s elders, proceeded to research a possible cure for the curse. He discovered what materials and preparations were needed but informed the party that it would take a while. The materials needed to cleanse the party could only be found in decent quantity at a temple to the West of Sundabar known as Torm’s Peak. Torm’s Peak was a temple built near the summit of a mountain in range known as The Nether Mountains. It was a place of research and worship for a small number of Torm’s followers.

Brother Kyle would need to send a request to the followers there and wait for them to send the components, which he informed the group could take a while since only a handful of people currently occupied the temple. If the group wished to travel there and bring the ingredients back they would be more then happy to preform the cleansing when they returned.

Brother Kyle also informed the party of another item located at the temple he would like them to retrieve. A book bound in black leather with golden elven runes on the cover. He told the group that the clerics there had been researching the SunStone since it had been uncovered and believed they may have found a book mentioning a similar stone.

The party agreed to retrieved the needed items and the book and accepted two hirelings provided by the church since both Heimdal and Raegar still had not awoken. Brother Kyle believed the curse was getting worse for the two for some unknown reason. The two hirelings, one very tall human named Thor who wielded a large axe, and a small Halfling named Violet armed with a sling always riding on Thor’s shoulders, agreed to help protect the group from the dangers that could lie in the mountain.

The hero’s arrived at the base of the mountain quickly but were forced to make camp before ascending the mountain to Torm’s Peak. During the night a large humanoid creature with shaggy white fur attacked the party, but was quickly dispatched. Thor knew this creature to be a mountain dwelling creature known as a Yeti.

As Torm’s Peak finally came into view the next afternoon, the party heard bells ringing from what they believed was the bell tower from Torm’s Peak. Both Sena and Warren knew the bells were not indicative of time, but rather seemed to be a call for help. The party rushed to the entrance to find the doors slightly ajar. As the entered a large statue stood before them and a large hall laid beyond. To either side a set of stairs seemed to lead upwards, but no signs of anyone or anything that could be out of place. The group continued to search the bottom floor when Warren discovered a room with bookshelves that had seemed to all be knocked over making it difficult to enter. Opposite him Daffy investigated another room which was similar but the bookshelves remained upright. Too late Daffy noticed movement behind on of the bookshelves as crossbow bolts pelted into him. Two dark dwarfs, Duregar, emerged from the shadows and loaded another bolt. Daffy responded by filling the room with a powerful color spray as Thor ran into the room to take on the remaining dwarfs. In the meantime Warren uncovered a surviving priest underneath one of the collapsed bookshelves in the other room. As he shouted that he found someone another large group of Duregar filed out from around the corner and readied to fire a volley into the group if they moved.

Violet was the first to strike as she let loose a rock from her sling. Soon the party had dispatched the new group of Duregar, but Sena watched as one fled towards the staircase carrying another incapacitated dwarf. The party gave case to the third floor which seemed to be the cathedral, which was filled a handful of Duregar. Near the altar the group saw a gruesome sight, a young female priest was strung up on the statue of Torm with cuts bleeding and bruises covering her face. Beside her stood a rather large Duregar with a strange looking axe. Warren immediately called out to Torm to strike the large Duregar with righteous justice. Hearing the shout and feeling the burst of divine energy envelop him, the large Duregar griped the shaft of his large axe and gave a sharp twist with his hands. The edges of the Axe began to shriek and vibrate at a high speed as he yelled out, “Fresh blood boys! Get them!”

Why are the Duregar at Torm’s Peak? Who is strapped to the statue? How will the party deal with the Large enemy before them? All this and more next week On Tuesday January 7th starting at 7:00 PM Est Here!


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