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Week 5: Urgent Missions

A busy month leads to an unsettling discovery

A month has passed since the party returned from Torm’s Peak with the grave news of a Duregar attack. With the help from most of the party two Duregar were captured beneath the city of Sundabar where they had been spying on various targets throughout the city. It seems the dwarf from the Dragon’s Breath Inn had actually been one of the captured Duregar using magic to alter his appearance. Local mages are still investigating how the magic aura given off by such magic had been hid for so long.

The Church of Torm currently has custody of the two prisoners, who have spent the last two weeks in the loving care of Fredrick and Lori Brightdale, Torm’s dynamic husband and wife Inquisitor duo. Brother Kyle knew better then to question what the duo would do to the prisoners but he knew that they would obtain answers for the benefit of the church. We resumed our tale with the party being summoned by Brother Kyle to his office to discuss a matter of great importance. Brother Kyle informed the party of his failure to unravel the secrets of the book they had been studying. Attempts to destroy the book failed to even blemish the cover. This posed reason enough for Brother Kyle to take the book to Silverymoon where the elves and a few others could attempt to succeed where he failed. He asked the party to accompany him incase trouble arose or he had need of their assistance once he reached Silverymoon.

Warren urged the party to head out at daytime to get a head start on their week long journey. The trip went well until they reached the mountain pass. As Brother Kyle and Warren kept watch, a lone figure approached their campsite with an eerily slow walk. Brother Kyle immediately told Warren to wake the others, which he proceeded to do by shouting at the figure approaching to identify himself. In the blink of an eye the figure vanished only to reappear right next to Brother Kyle, now in the light of the camp the figure appeared to be 7ft tall clad in a midnight black armor adorned with demon-like features. He wielded a large broadsword in one hand with a shield in his off hand. Warren was determined to fight the dark knight head on with Brother Kyle until Warren felt compelled to obey his mentor’s command of “Take the others and go now!”. Heimdall however would not let someone who disturbed his sleep go unpunished and stormed out from the wagon an swung his hammer with a devastating swing. With uncanny reflexes with dark knight brought his shield around and blocked the hit with ease. Then with a simple thrust he drove the blade through Heimdal’s chest never once taking his eyes off Brother Kyle. Daffy and Raegar began to attack as well but Brother Kyle transported them into the wagon with divine magic. Sena was able to drag her protector into the wagon with a feat of amazing strength for such a woman and the wagon sped off at an amazing speed. A large pillar of light shot into the sky as the party escaped and an ominous quite settled over the mountain.

The horses ran at full speed and never stopped until the party reached their destination. The party was defeated and demoralized at the loss of both Heimdal and Brother Kyle. When greeted by the elves Sena took lead as Warren seemed lost in his emotions. Warren demanded that the elves find him scouts that knew the mountain and search for Brother Kyle.

When the party, now aided by two scouts, arrived at the scene of the fight no sign of either body was found. But Warren did recover his mentor’s sword which was very heavy even for the strong paladin. The party also discovered tracks and a single scale of what they believe was a dragon, the tracks seemingly headed off the northern side of the mountain towards Truesilver.

When the party arrived back at Silverymoon the elves had uncovered something from the book. After a series of command words in elven the booked emanated a dark light which filled the room then a light shone from the center of the book and an image of a map displayed over a large area of the room. The map was of Faerun itself but 7 areas of the world were glowing in different colors. Red glow in Chult, a dangerous swamp full of old and vicious beasts. Yellow glow in the Calimshan Desert, a wasteland near the famed city of thieves. A purple glow from Waterdeep, the famous port city. A blue glow from Archendale, the strongest military presence in the Dalelands. A black glow from Goldenwater, a small fishing settlement on the eastern coast. A green glow from The Cohndalwood Forest, a forest of elven population known for keeping its borders tight. And an Orange glow TrueSilver, where our party encountered the Sun Stone. Coincidence?

It was revelied that these stones were none other then the Stones of Power used by Bane to reach deityhood. In an epic battle Torm was able to sunder the Black Gauntlet and scatter the power gems across the world. Now it seems the stones have begun to surface and the Dark Knights of Bane are seeking them out. The party was tasked by High Lady Alustriel Silverhand herself to retrieve the stones and keep them out of Bane’s grasp. She promised them an army in time. The party was set to be teleported to Silverymoon but a brief scry revealed a much bleaker town then when our party last saw it. The residents had put on significant weight and the population itself seemed to have almost halfed in size. The Sunstone was no longer in the statue near the Temple of Lathander, which now laid in ruins, but an orange glow could be seen coming from a newly constructed mayoral estate before the scry was cut short by a burst of orange light.

Warren instead asked for the party to be sent to Waterdeep, the location of the purple glow, in hopes of acquiring what stone lay there as he believed it was too late for Silvermoon. What will our players find in Waterdeep? What power does the stone here posses? Find out Tuesday at 7pm est. Here!


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