GraveAT9's Forgotten Realms

Week 5: Urgent Missions
A busy month leads to an unsettling discovery

A month has passed since the party returned from Torm’s Peak with the grave news of a Duregar attack. With the help from most of the party two Duregar were captured beneath the city of Sundabar where they had been spying on various targets throughout the city. It seems the dwarf from the Dragon’s Breath Inn had actually been one of the captured Duregar using magic to alter his appearance. Local mages are still investigating how the magic aura given off by such magic had been hid for so long.

The Church of Torm currently has custody of the two prisoners, who have spent the last two weeks in the loving care of Fredrick and Lori Brightdale, Torm’s dynamic husband and wife Inquisitor duo. Brother Kyle knew better then to question what the duo would do to the prisoners but he knew that they would obtain answers for the benefit of the church. We resumed our tale with the party being summoned by Brother Kyle to his office to discuss a matter of great importance. Brother Kyle informed the party of his failure to unravel the secrets of the book they had been studying. Attempts to destroy the book failed to even blemish the cover. This posed reason enough for Brother Kyle to take the book to Silverymoon where the elves and a few others could attempt to succeed where he failed. He asked the party to accompany him incase trouble arose or he had need of their assistance once he reached Silverymoon.

Warren urged the party to head out at daytime to get a head start on their week long journey. The trip went well until they reached the mountain pass. As Brother Kyle and Warren kept watch, a lone figure approached their campsite with an eerily slow walk. Brother Kyle immediately told Warren to wake the others, which he proceeded to do by shouting at the figure approaching to identify himself. In the blink of an eye the figure vanished only to reappear right next to Brother Kyle, now in the light of the camp the figure appeared to be 7ft tall clad in a midnight black armor adorned with demon-like features. He wielded a large broadsword in one hand with a shield in his off hand. Warren was determined to fight the dark knight head on with Brother Kyle until Warren felt compelled to obey his mentor’s command of “Take the others and go now!”. Heimdall however would not let someone who disturbed his sleep go unpunished and stormed out from the wagon an swung his hammer with a devastating swing. With uncanny reflexes with dark knight brought his shield around and blocked the hit with ease. Then with a simple thrust he drove the blade through Heimdal’s chest never once taking his eyes off Brother Kyle. Daffy and Raegar began to attack as well but Brother Kyle transported them into the wagon with divine magic. Sena was able to drag her protector into the wagon with a feat of amazing strength for such a woman and the wagon sped off at an amazing speed. A large pillar of light shot into the sky as the party escaped and an ominous quite settled over the mountain.

The horses ran at full speed and never stopped until the party reached their destination. The party was defeated and demoralized at the loss of both Heimdal and Brother Kyle. When greeted by the elves Sena took lead as Warren seemed lost in his emotions. Warren demanded that the elves find him scouts that knew the mountain and search for Brother Kyle.

When the party, now aided by two scouts, arrived at the scene of the fight no sign of either body was found. But Warren did recover his mentor’s sword which was very heavy even for the strong paladin. The party also discovered tracks and a single scale of what they believe was a dragon, the tracks seemingly headed off the northern side of the mountain towards Truesilver.

When the party arrived back at Silverymoon the elves had uncovered something from the book. After a series of command words in elven the booked emanated a dark light which filled the room then a light shone from the center of the book and an image of a map displayed over a large area of the room. The map was of Faerun itself but 7 areas of the world were glowing in different colors. Red glow in Chult, a dangerous swamp full of old and vicious beasts. Yellow glow in the Calimshan Desert, a wasteland near the famed city of thieves. A purple glow from Waterdeep, the famous port city. A blue glow from Archendale, the strongest military presence in the Dalelands. A black glow from Goldenwater, a small fishing settlement on the eastern coast. A green glow from The Cohndalwood Forest, a forest of elven population known for keeping its borders tight. And an Orange glow TrueSilver, where our party encountered the Sun Stone. Coincidence?

It was revelied that these stones were none other then the Stones of Power used by Bane to reach deityhood. In an epic battle Torm was able to sunder the Black Gauntlet and scatter the power gems across the world. Now it seems the stones have begun to surface and the Dark Knights of Bane are seeking them out. The party was tasked by High Lady Alustriel Silverhand herself to retrieve the stones and keep them out of Bane’s grasp. She promised them an army in time. The party was set to be teleported to Silverymoon but a brief scry revealed a much bleaker town then when our party last saw it. The residents had put on significant weight and the population itself seemed to have almost halfed in size. The Sunstone was no longer in the statue near the Temple of Lathander, which now laid in ruins, but an orange glow could be seen coming from a newly constructed mayoral estate before the scry was cut short by a burst of orange light.

Warren instead asked for the party to be sent to Waterdeep, the location of the purple glow, in hopes of acquiring what stone lay there as he believed it was too late for Silvermoon. What will our players find in Waterdeep? What power does the stone here posses? Find out Tuesday at 7pm est. Here!

Week 4: Fur - B - Gone
What unfortunate event will strike our party next?

When we last saw the party they were staring into a cathedral in a temple to Torm, Torm’s Peak, which was filled with a handful of dark dwarfs and one much larger the rest. The large Duregar wielded an axe with edges that seemed to vibrate rapidly, increasing the deadliness of his swing. Warren had immediately called out to Torm to smite this foul creature and begun a charge through the other dark dwarfs towards him.

Upon the beginning of the night Warren was finally able to unleash the charge which had been building all week. The duregar seemed caught off guard a bit by Warren’s sudden charge and scrambled to their masters side during the fight. Daffy leveled his crossbow at one of the smaller dwarfs with deadly accuracy. Sena laid a blessing on Warren as he ran past to deliver a devastating barrage of attacks on the large duregar. The barrage nearly killed the dwarf outright but the smaller duregar rushed to his side, pulling out curved black daggers, and proceeded to spill their own blood at his feet. The blood seemed to drain into the large duregar’s feet and his wounds seemed to bother him no more.

Violet and Thor rushed in and took out a few more of the smaller duregar. The fight continued in a similar fashion but the Duregar could not keep pace to the efficient and powerful group before them. Warren severed the head and claimed the axe of the large duregar while Sena tended to the human female who had been crucified to the statue of Torm. Violet, Thor, and Daffy began to search the other duregar and found a symbol embroidered on each of their cloaks. The symbol depicted an anvil with a pool blood underneath it. Shortly after the woman Sena had been healing revealed a ladder to the bell tower where another survivor had taken refuge. The party quickly ascended the ladder to find another priest.

The party discovered that this priest was actually the current leader of Torm’s Peak and he had carried some valuables with him to keep them out of the Duregar’s hands. Luckily for the group these items also included the components they needed for their cleansing ritual as well as a padlocked box, which they were instructed not to open. The party quickly cleared the remaining floor of the temple, using Warren’s newly crafted duregar head belt for intimidation, Daffy’s colorful spells, and Sena’s healing of any hostages wounded in the process, only one duregar eluded death and was know where to be seen by the party.

With haste the party locked down Torm’s Peak and brought all the occupants back to Sundabar. The Dwarf Brothers Heimdal and Raegar stood watch waiting for their companions to return, having finally recovered from what had afflicted them. Brother Kyle greeted the party upon their return but was concerned why the party had brought back the priests with them. After going to a private meeting room Warren laid the bag of duregar heads upon the table and explained what had transpired. The party gave the axe they had taken off the large duregar to the church in hopes they could either cleanse or dispose of the vile weapon. With the Dwarf Brothers present the symbol the group had recovered from the duregar was quickly identified as the Blood Forge Clan, a highly vicious group of mercenaries which had most recently taken credit for the assassination of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep. The padlocked box soon became the next item of interest. Brother Kyle took out the key and slowly opened the box to reveal a large book bound in black leather with golden trim and elven runes reading “The Dark Gauntlet” on the cover.

Sena and Brother Kyle quickly realized what the book’s contents could be as Warren struggled to recall why that sounded so familiar. Brother Kyle explained, “The Dark Gauntlet is the symbol of Bane, the evil god of tyranny, and Torm’s biggest enemy.”. This confused Brother Kyle on many levels, he had expected a book about magical artifacts hopefully to shed some light on the Sun Stone (see what I did there??), and why did Torm’s Peak have a book like this. What evil stories or spells lie between its pages? All of these questions flooded his mind as he sent the party on their way. He would prepare the cleansing for the party and return to study this book after.

After the ritual was preformed the afflicted party members felt such relief as the evil curse vanished from their veins. The groups split up afterwards, Warren and Sena went off to relax after such a troubling journey, while the Heimdall, Raegar, and Daffy headed out to collect information on The Blood Forge Clan from other dwarfs in the area.

After some investigating the group uncovered a possible lead of a dwarven barkeep meeting with a duregar in the sewers. What will happen when we our adventurers venture into the sewers to investigate find out next week!

Week Three: A favor for a favor
Our hero's seek healing but nothing is free...

Our journey began with our hero’s setting off on the three day journey to Sundabar. Warren and Sena had purchased a pair of horses along with a decent sized wagon for the trip, in which Daffy, Heimdal and Raegar spent most of the journey. Both Heimdal and Raegar had drank more then their share of ale and past out before they even left the city.

The first day of travel went very smoothly even though the weather had worsened over the course of the day. Warren, Sena and Daffy were able to keep the group headed in the right direction using the river as their guide, both Heimdal and Raegar never budged from their alcohol induced slumber. That night they took a longer time to set up camp as neither dwarf seemed capable of guard duty, Daffy would watch for most of the night and sleep in the wagon during the morning.

As the first half of his watch dwindled by, Daffy spotted two humanoid figures nearing the camp. He woke both Warren and Sena as he suspected trouble was inbound, but Warren politely approached the pair and inquired about their travel. Both of the travelers were clad in black traveling robes which were adorned with bright green arcane markings. The taller figure spoke first, his voice soothing and calm, like Sena this traveler seemed to be an Asamair. The party also noticed a trinket hanging from his hip, it seemed to be a black and roughly the size of a human head but no inquires were made to its purpose. After a while of talking the party learned that the two preferred to travel by night and had just happened to cross near the party, then they soon continued their journey and left our hero’s to their slumber. All the party noticed from the other traveler were a pair of hand crossbows on either side of his hip.

The next two days proved rather uneventful and the party safely made it to Sundabar. Strangely both Heimdal and Raegar had not woken once during the trip. Once Warren got the party admitted to the city near dusk the dwarfs were taken to a cheap inn in hopes they could sleep off whatever had them incapacitated. Daffy turned down Warren’s offer of a place to stay and opted to sleep in the stables with the horses after experiencing the discrimination of most of the guards they met.

When morning came the party gathered at the Temple of Torm in hopes the church would cure the curse afflicting half the party. Brother Kyle, one of Warren’s elders, proceeded to research a possible cure for the curse. He discovered what materials and preparations were needed but informed the party that it would take a while. The materials needed to cleanse the party could only be found in decent quantity at a temple to the West of Sundabar known as Torm’s Peak. Torm’s Peak was a temple built near the summit of a mountain in range known as The Nether Mountains. It was a place of research and worship for a small number of Torm’s followers.

Brother Kyle would need to send a request to the followers there and wait for them to send the components, which he informed the group could take a while since only a handful of people currently occupied the temple. If the group wished to travel there and bring the ingredients back they would be more then happy to preform the cleansing when they returned.

Brother Kyle also informed the party of another item located at the temple he would like them to retrieve. A book bound in black leather with golden elven runes on the cover. He told the group that the clerics there had been researching the SunStone since it had been uncovered and believed they may have found a book mentioning a similar stone.

The party agreed to retrieved the needed items and the book and accepted two hirelings provided by the church since both Heimdal and Raegar still had not awoken. Brother Kyle believed the curse was getting worse for the two for some unknown reason. The two hirelings, one very tall human named Thor who wielded a large axe, and a small Halfling named Violet armed with a sling always riding on Thor’s shoulders, agreed to help protect the group from the dangers that could lie in the mountain.

The hero’s arrived at the base of the mountain quickly but were forced to make camp before ascending the mountain to Torm’s Peak. During the night a large humanoid creature with shaggy white fur attacked the party, but was quickly dispatched. Thor knew this creature to be a mountain dwelling creature known as a Yeti.

As Torm’s Peak finally came into view the next afternoon, the party heard bells ringing from what they believed was the bell tower from Torm’s Peak. Both Sena and Warren knew the bells were not indicative of time, but rather seemed to be a call for help. The party rushed to the entrance to find the doors slightly ajar. As the entered a large statue stood before them and a large hall laid beyond. To either side a set of stairs seemed to lead upwards, but no signs of anyone or anything that could be out of place. The group continued to search the bottom floor when Warren discovered a room with bookshelves that had seemed to all be knocked over making it difficult to enter. Opposite him Daffy investigated another room which was similar but the bookshelves remained upright. Too late Daffy noticed movement behind on of the bookshelves as crossbow bolts pelted into him. Two dark dwarfs, Duregar, emerged from the shadows and loaded another bolt. Daffy responded by filling the room with a powerful color spray as Thor ran into the room to take on the remaining dwarfs. In the meantime Warren uncovered a surviving priest underneath one of the collapsed bookshelves in the other room. As he shouted that he found someone another large group of Duregar filed out from around the corner and readied to fire a volley into the group if they moved.

Violet was the first to strike as she let loose a rock from her sling. Soon the party had dispatched the new group of Duregar, but Sena watched as one fled towards the staircase carrying another incapacitated dwarf. The party gave case to the third floor which seemed to be the cathedral, which was filled a handful of Duregar. Near the altar the group saw a gruesome sight, a young female priest was strung up on the statue of Torm with cuts bleeding and bruises covering her face. Beside her stood a rather large Duregar with a strange looking axe. Warren immediately called out to Torm to strike the large Duregar with righteous justice. Hearing the shout and feeling the burst of divine energy envelop him, the large Duregar griped the shaft of his large axe and gave a sharp twist with his hands. The edges of the Axe began to shriek and vibrate at a high speed as he yelled out, “Fresh blood boys! Get them!”

Why are the Duregar at Torm’s Peak? Who is strapped to the statue? How will the party deal with the Large enemy before them? All this and more next week On Tuesday January 7th starting at 7:00 PM Est Here!

Week Two: A hairy situation
More trouble for the town of Truesilver

The party had recently returned to Truesilver after retrieving the Sun Stone. As they separated they began to check out the town and the damage from the previous nights attack. Warren and Sena headed towards the Mayor’s Estate which apparently had been the focus of the explosion that signaled the orc attack. Guards bared the way to the estate but were stretched thin with all their other tasks. Warren offered his services to the guards and he and Sena took up post to keep others away from the estate. It seemed the guards wanted to keep the news of the Mayor’s death quite as long as they could, but the party had already heard this news from the Church of Lathander.

Raegar and Heimdall took to the streets upon their return searching for any half-orcs they believed could have information on the attack and how the orcs caused the explosion. Their first lead took them to a blacksmith called “The Bronze Anvil”, where a half-orc, Ertoe, worked the counter. Unfortunately he had no info of use to the brothers, his only advice was to question a half-orc who had been imprisoned the day of the festival for getting into a barfight. Both Heimdall and Reagar headed towards the prison to investigate this new lead.

Daffy decided to relax at the Catapult Slug telling the fortunes of any who would listen with his tarot deck. One brave man stood up and accepted a reading, which gave him grave news as the cards forewarned of the loss of a loved one due to his actions. The man was visibly shaken by the fortune as it seemed to strike a nerve and he left the bar.

Shortly after a messenger from Lathander approached Warren and Sena. It would seem the Church needed assistance once again. Upon gathering the group and heading to the church the party discovered grave news. They had sent a group of guards with a few of their clerics to collect the orcs and bring them closer to town to feel the effects of the stone until a more permanent situation could be arranged. The journey should have only been a few hours and the clerics were to send animal messengers once they reached the orcs, but the message never came. So the party was tasked to head back to the cave and search for the missing clerics.

Travel went smoothly until the party reached the forest. They began searching for tracks the party may have led, and Daffy detected a hint of magic further down the tree line. As he cautiously approached the source of magic, he found it was Blue, his pseudo-dragon, with an orcish javelin through his right wing. Upon treating in with some potions he carried it back to the party where Waren and Sena had picked up the party’s trail.

The party followed the trail which was headed in the direction of the orc cave, but as they approached a small clearing they found a few bodies laying face down. As they investigated they also found the bodies of a few wolves, but an eerie howl interrupted their investigation as three wolves attacked. The wolves were dispatched after a few seconds with only a few wounds inflicted upon the party. As the last wolf fell the party heard a voice yell out, “You’ve killed my children you foul beings!” in common. As a large wolf, with fur as black as night and red glowing runes covering its body, burst out from a thick area of trees. It howled at the party and made an amazingly fast dash towards the party, sinking its fangs into Warren and Reagar with a quick bite as it went. The party landed a few hits as it ran by and headed in the direction of the orc cave.

The party gave chase, and upon reaching the entrance to the cave they found more of the missing party laying face down. As they checked the bodies the found one of the clerics still had a weak pulse. They used what healing they could muster as Warrens sacred touch brought the cleric back from the brink of death. He showed his gratitude to the party with healing of his own and a blessing from Lathander and agreed to wait for the party to deal with the beast inside.

As they ventured inside they encountered two smaller wolves, which they dispatched with ease and continued down to the sick area where the group of orcs had hold up upon the groups first visit. A grim sight filled their eyes as the room was littered with the bodies of the orcs. The large rune covered wolf stood at the back of the room growling menacing as three more smaller wolves approached the party. Sena’s halo which had been giving light to the party started to fade as the large wolf gave a low howl. Daffy took charge and cast Color Spray but was only successful in knocking out one wolf. Reagar and Heimdall rushed in next taking on the other two wolves their hammers raining down death on the beasts. Sena, aware of her partners lack of light, cast light upon him once again filling the room with light. Warren then rushed in and smote the larger wolf with the power of Torm. The beast then charged at the group with a flurry of furry attacks, sinking its fangs into Warren and Heimdall.

As the fight continued, Warren struck a devastating blow to the wolf. The dwarfs took advantage of the opening and brought their hammers to either side of its head, and with a bone chilling crunch, shattered its skull. It howled with pain as its life slipped away, hair began to rapidly fall away from the beast until a female human corpse was the one laying on the ground. The party then realized the danger they had just encountered was in fact a lycanthrope.

After finding the only other remaining cleric cowering in a crevice of the cave the party returned hoping to receive some magical aide against the curse flowing in their veins. The church of Lathander did not have the resources to provide a cure for this affliction but quickly warned the afflicted members to accept detainment as a full moon was expected and fast approaching. All accepted this fate. Raegar was able to fight off the curse that night. Warren had Sena’s aid to keep him from turning, but he was still afflicted by the curse. Heimdall gave into the bestial force inside him. Luckily the bars held and the two did not cause harm to anyone else.

Now the party seeks Sundabar, where a church of Torm may be able to give them aide. But how will their trip fair? What of the promise Warren made to the orc chief Goretusk? Is the Lycanthrope just another coincidence in what seems like a streak of bad luck for Truesilver? Find out more this Tuesday at 7PM EST Here!

Week One: Midwinter Festival
Well met! More allies join the fray!

Nearly a week had passed since Raegar, Heimdall, and Daffy had returned to Truesilver with the magic mug. There search for more orcs in the area did not yield much more evidence for the mayor of the town. Autumn believed the mayor wouldn’t listen to anyone until after the festivities were over. So our hero’s rested up and were primed to enjoy a few games and drinks to celebrate this special event.

The morning of Midwinter a pair of travelers entered the town bearing the mark of Torm, the god of justice. One of these travelers was an aasimar female clad in polished armor. Constantly at her side was a human male wearing shining armor with a greatsword strapped to his back. The duo headed towards the town square to witness the Sun Stone and shortly after set up outside the tavern, The Catapult Slug, and began spreading the word of Torm.

Heimdall and Reagar had been enjoying breakfast, even though they did not need to eat, with Daffy in the Catapult Slug. Upon hearing the voices outside Reagar went to investigate and struck up conversation with the new arrivals. They were introduced as Warren, a paladin of Torm, and Sena a cleric who seemed to be a gift from Torm himself. Reagar asked the duo about their thoughts on the Sun Stone, as his suspicion of it still lingered, but both believed strongly in the will of the God’s and believed the theory in which the church of Lathander had stated.

Shortly after the dwarf brothers and Daffy head off the Magenta Witch for a drinking competition which was to take place. After a few bizarre drinks it came down to Raegar and a half-orc. As the glasses were slammed down only the half-orc was left standing. Defeated, Reagar let his dwarven hatred loose and slammed a mug right into the half breed’s head. A fight ensued until the guards showed up, with Warren and Sena arriving just before hand. The drunken fight was dispersed and over looked by the guards afterwards.

Later in the evening Reagar approaches a shady man who has been watching some of the gambling going on, dressed in all black with a shroud and hood draped across his face, not much could been seen about this character. He brushed of the dwarfs attempts at conversation, and Reagar went and sought the paladin of Torm, Warren, who he had met earlier in the day. Upon investigating the shady figure, Warren detected a slight aura of evil coming from him but the elected to watch and observe for a time.

Meanwhile the others participated in a game of Wits but lost, but at the ending ceremony a loud blast shook the town. From the direction of the Mayor’s estate smoke could be seen billowing into the evening sky and alarms could be heard ringing through the town. Warren, Sena, and Reagar were distracted by the explosion and the shady figure gave them the slip. Both groups headed towards the sound of the explosion but were surprised when orc’s flooded the street before them. After dispatching a few groups each, both groups met up decided hey should head to the Sun Stone to protect it.

More orc’s blocked their path, but with Daffy’s brilliant flashes of color and the might of the others, the obstacles quickly fell. Once they reached the town square they saw a larger orc carrying the Sun Stone with ease. He quickly ran off having the other orcs slow down his would be pursuers. The orc ran faster then the group had ever seen an orc run, a slight trail of magic though gave the group hope and they gave chase after dispatching the orcs who stood in their way. Heimdall stayed back to interrogate a captured orc for information.

After a few hours on horseback the group approached a section of the forest to the north which led them to a cave system the others had not seen in their previous search. They entered carefully, Warren setting traps behind as they went to prevent an ambush from behind, but all they found in the first chamber were a few dead, frail looking orcs. The group continued into the cave to it’s end unhindered, were they found a large room filled with sick and malnourished looking orcs. Only a handful were standing guard as the large orc from before was kneeled before an altar offering the Sun Stone towards the alter. The orc’s hands were clearly being burned as leather strips could been seen dangling from his wrists.

Warren, aware of the dwarven hatred for orcs, took the lead and began to demand the orc’s surrender and the return of the Sun Stone. The orc pleaded his case, for his clan was starving and dying, their game and other food sources hunted by the town of Truesilver who had no reason to eat with the power of this stone feeding them, but eventually conceded to the paladin to spare his people and give them some hope.

The group left some supplies behind and took the orc, now known to be Gore-Tusk, back to Truesilver to face trial. Upon arriving they informed the church of Lathander of the situation, who then agreed to send out a few men in aid, and would assist in relocation of the orcs.

What will happen with the orcs? What of their leader Gore-Tusk’s fate? Is the Mayor alive? All these questions and more maybe answered this week so tune in at 7:00 pm est on Tuesday December 10th here!

Dwarves and a Tiefling get into trouble.

The night was clear and air comfortably warm, despite the Midwinter festival being just a week away. The Town of Truesilver had been blessed to uncover a unique stone, The Sun Stone, which kept the city not only warm but provided life sustaining energy to it’s citizens. Many travelers had come to this new settlement in time for the festival to experience the strange and powerful magic of the Sun Stone.

Two of these travelers, a duo of dwarven brothers, had made their way to the Catapult Slug, a modest tavern ran by a fellow dwarf named Udonan Tigersoul. The two travelers introduced themselves as the Stonehammer brothers, Heimdall and Raegar.

After discussing the Sun Stone briefly the Udonan asked his dwarven patrons to perform a small favor for him. He wished the brothers to venture to his fathers tomb, located a few hours to the west of town, and retrieve a magical mug that belonged to his family. He also asked the brothers to take along the young teifling that had been hanging out in the back of his tavern. He informed the brothers to keep an eye on him in the tomb and gauge his character. The brothers agreed and all three headed out into the cold winter snow past the barrier of warmth surrounding Truesilver.

A few hours into the journey the trio, including the teifling known as Daffy, stumbled across what seemed to be a freshly deserted camp. Two tents were set around a campfire, and the group proceeded to check each tent. The first tent contained a corpse striped of all possessions with a lone dagger left in his chest. The second tent contained a young elven female, who in her fear lunged out at the dwarf who entered the tent. Before she could warn them the party was ambushed by four orcs.

After dispatching of the orcs, who looked frail and malnourished, the party took the girl and proceeded to their destination. When they arrived they left the girl towards the entrance of the tomb and proceeded inside. They discovered a few traps to keep out grave robbers, but luckily the party was able to use one of the traps to their advantage to deal with a Mimic which had taken up residence in the tomb. They then stumbled upon a mural which told of Tigersoul’s father. He had been a warrior who fought many battles, with Warhammer in one hand and a mug of dwarven stout that never seemed to empty in the other.

After retrieving the mug the party returned to town and immediately tried to spread word of orcs in the area. The mayor of the town would have none of their stories as he was busy planning the Midwinter festival. He sent them to Autumn Woodenhawk and elven female ranger. She revealed that the young girl was actually her niece and the dead elven male was her brother. She agreed to help the party find evidence of the approaching orcs and set out towards the north the find a trail.

Over the next few days the party searched various wooded areas looking for any signs of orc camps, but they came up with only a few old and abandoned tents and a few sightings of orc prints. They returned with what information they could find but the mayor was too busy planning to pay any attention. Midwinter was approaching and Autumn felt the orcs would have to wait until after the festival before the mayor would listen to their findings.


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