Warren, Son of Torm

Adopted into the church of Torm in Sundabar, this paladin will do what it takes to protect Sena at all costs.


warrenonline.png Born and adopted in Sundabar, 165 miles east of Silverymoon via the Sundabar road. He stands just over six feet tall. His hair, often matted from his helm, is short and dirty blond. His green eyed gaze is always keeping watch over Sena.

Warren grew up in the care of the Church of Torm, in the heart of Sundabar. He was hardly a year old when the church was blessed by a gift from Torm, an Aasimar had been left in its sanctuary; a sign of divine favor. Warren had taken a liking to her at an extremely young age, the two were nigh inseparable. She was looked at differently by other kids, bullied even; for things like her eyes, halo, even her grace and beauty were mocked. Warren took it upon himself to be her protector. As he reached his early and mid teens he took on the task of becoming a guardsman, and tried to enlist in Sundabar’s military service.

The church, however, had a more pertinent task in mind. To keep watch and protect Sena on her quest to come. The church knew she would not be able to stay for all time, she was sent to the realms for a reason; a reason known only to Torm.

Warren and Sena now venture the realms in search of her purpose, in search of the reason she was sent to the realms. He is always at her side, always there to protect her.




Warren, Son of Torm

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