Sena, Gift of Torm

Sena, delivered by Torm to the temple in Sundabar; protected since birth by Warren...


senaonline.png Sena is a notch under six feet tall. Her blond hair is only brightened by the halo that floats a few inches above her head. Her glowing eyes, and radiant fair skin often draw the gaze of those around her. She was found in the church of Torm, at the heart of Sundabar, 165 miles east of Silverymoon. Sena was deemed a gift of the god, and was raised with the orphans in the church; though she was favored among the others and often ended up bullied out of jealousy.

One boy had always taken the brunt of the bullying for her, a human boy, his name was Warren. She found him to be fascinating, and unlike the others, nice at all times; not just when the priests and priestesses were keeping a watchful eye. Growing up as an Aasimar in a mostly human society was not easy for her, and she often kept to the church grounds. As she grew, she became accustomed to Warren’s protection, he was always there for her to rely on. When she was tasked with spreading the word of Torm; Warren was there to back her up. When the church would see to it that a foreign dignitary would like to meet her, Warren would be at her side.

For all this supposed reliance and frailty, she was downright stubborn when those would oppose the way of Torm. She constantly found herself in bad situations because she couldn’t help but interrupt and argument or send after someone pick-pocketing another. Yet, Warren was always there in the nick of time to save her.

It is now, that the church would see her find her purpose. They ask of her to find out why she was given to the realm by Torm, and fulfill that destiny. She must travel the lands in search of her meaning; with Warren at her side as personal guard. Intimidated, but proud, she sets off into the realms to do what she was sent to do.




Sena, Gift of Torm

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