GraveAT9's Forgotten Realms

Week One: Midwinter Festival

Well met! More allies join the fray!

Nearly a week had passed since Raegar, Heimdall, and Daffy had returned to Truesilver with the magic mug. There search for more orcs in the area did not yield much more evidence for the mayor of the town. Autumn believed the mayor wouldn’t listen to anyone until after the festivities were over. So our hero’s rested up and were primed to enjoy a few games and drinks to celebrate this special event.

The morning of Midwinter a pair of travelers entered the town bearing the mark of Torm, the god of justice. One of these travelers was an aasimar female clad in polished armor. Constantly at her side was a human male wearing shining armor with a greatsword strapped to his back. The duo headed towards the town square to witness the Sun Stone and shortly after set up outside the tavern, The Catapult Slug, and began spreading the word of Torm.

Heimdall and Reagar had been enjoying breakfast, even though they did not need to eat, with Daffy in the Catapult Slug. Upon hearing the voices outside Reagar went to investigate and struck up conversation with the new arrivals. They were introduced as Warren, a paladin of Torm, and Sena a cleric who seemed to be a gift from Torm himself. Reagar asked the duo about their thoughts on the Sun Stone, as his suspicion of it still lingered, but both believed strongly in the will of the God’s and believed the theory in which the church of Lathander had stated.

Shortly after the dwarf brothers and Daffy head off the Magenta Witch for a drinking competition which was to take place. After a few bizarre drinks it came down to Raegar and a half-orc. As the glasses were slammed down only the half-orc was left standing. Defeated, Reagar let his dwarven hatred loose and slammed a mug right into the half breed’s head. A fight ensued until the guards showed up, with Warren and Sena arriving just before hand. The drunken fight was dispersed and over looked by the guards afterwards.

Later in the evening Reagar approaches a shady man who has been watching some of the gambling going on, dressed in all black with a shroud and hood draped across his face, not much could been seen about this character. He brushed of the dwarfs attempts at conversation, and Reagar went and sought the paladin of Torm, Warren, who he had met earlier in the day. Upon investigating the shady figure, Warren detected a slight aura of evil coming from him but the elected to watch and observe for a time.

Meanwhile the others participated in a game of Wits but lost, but at the ending ceremony a loud blast shook the town. From the direction of the Mayor’s estate smoke could be seen billowing into the evening sky and alarms could be heard ringing through the town. Warren, Sena, and Reagar were distracted by the explosion and the shady figure gave them the slip. Both groups headed towards the sound of the explosion but were surprised when orc’s flooded the street before them. After dispatching a few groups each, both groups met up decided hey should head to the Sun Stone to protect it.

More orc’s blocked their path, but with Daffy’s brilliant flashes of color and the might of the others, the obstacles quickly fell. Once they reached the town square they saw a larger orc carrying the Sun Stone with ease. He quickly ran off having the other orcs slow down his would be pursuers. The orc ran faster then the group had ever seen an orc run, a slight trail of magic though gave the group hope and they gave chase after dispatching the orcs who stood in their way. Heimdall stayed back to interrogate a captured orc for information.

After a few hours on horseback the group approached a section of the forest to the north which led them to a cave system the others had not seen in their previous search. They entered carefully, Warren setting traps behind as they went to prevent an ambush from behind, but all they found in the first chamber were a few dead, frail looking orcs. The group continued into the cave to it’s end unhindered, were they found a large room filled with sick and malnourished looking orcs. Only a handful were standing guard as the large orc from before was kneeled before an altar offering the Sun Stone towards the alter. The orc’s hands were clearly being burned as leather strips could been seen dangling from his wrists.

Warren, aware of the dwarven hatred for orcs, took the lead and began to demand the orc’s surrender and the return of the Sun Stone. The orc pleaded his case, for his clan was starving and dying, their game and other food sources hunted by the town of Truesilver who had no reason to eat with the power of this stone feeding them, but eventually conceded to the paladin to spare his people and give them some hope.

The group left some supplies behind and took the orc, now known to be Gore-Tusk, back to Truesilver to face trial. Upon arriving they informed the church of Lathander of the situation, who then agreed to send out a few men in aid, and would assist in relocation of the orcs.

What will happen with the orcs? What of their leader Gore-Tusk’s fate? Is the Mayor alive? All these questions and more maybe answered this week so tune in at 7:00 pm est on Tuesday December 10th here!


OkamiPaparu Vexar

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