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Dwarves and a Tiefling get into trouble.

The night was clear and air comfortably warm, despite the Midwinter festival being just a week away. The Town of Truesilver had been blessed to uncover a unique stone, The Sun Stone, which kept the city not only warm but provided life sustaining energy to it’s citizens. Many travelers had come to this new settlement in time for the festival to experience the strange and powerful magic of the Sun Stone.

Two of these travelers, a duo of dwarven brothers, had made their way to the Catapult Slug, a modest tavern ran by a fellow dwarf named Udonan Tigersoul. The two travelers introduced themselves as the Stonehammer brothers, Heimdall and Raegar.

After discussing the Sun Stone briefly the Udonan asked his dwarven patrons to perform a small favor for him. He wished the brothers to venture to his fathers tomb, located a few hours to the west of town, and retrieve a magical mug that belonged to his family. He also asked the brothers to take along the young teifling that had been hanging out in the back of his tavern. He informed the brothers to keep an eye on him in the tomb and gauge his character. The brothers agreed and all three headed out into the cold winter snow past the barrier of warmth surrounding Truesilver.

A few hours into the journey the trio, including the teifling known as Daffy, stumbled across what seemed to be a freshly deserted camp. Two tents were set around a campfire, and the group proceeded to check each tent. The first tent contained a corpse striped of all possessions with a lone dagger left in his chest. The second tent contained a young elven female, who in her fear lunged out at the dwarf who entered the tent. Before she could warn them the party was ambushed by four orcs.

After dispatching of the orcs, who looked frail and malnourished, the party took the girl and proceeded to their destination. When they arrived they left the girl towards the entrance of the tomb and proceeded inside. They discovered a few traps to keep out grave robbers, but luckily the party was able to use one of the traps to their advantage to deal with a Mimic which had taken up residence in the tomb. They then stumbled upon a mural which told of Tigersoul’s father. He had been a warrior who fought many battles, with Warhammer in one hand and a mug of dwarven stout that never seemed to empty in the other.

After retrieving the mug the party returned to town and immediately tried to spread word of orcs in the area. The mayor of the town would have none of their stories as he was busy planning the Midwinter festival. He sent them to Autumn Woodenhawk and elven female ranger. She revealed that the young girl was actually her niece and the dead elven male was her brother. She agreed to help the party find evidence of the approaching orcs and set out towards the north the find a trail.

Over the next few days the party searched various wooded areas looking for any signs of orc camps, but they came up with only a few old and abandoned tents and a few sightings of orc prints. They returned with what information they could find but the mayor was too busy planning to pay any attention. Midwinter was approaching and Autumn felt the orcs would have to wait until after the festival before the mayor would listen to their findings.


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