GraveAT9's Forgotten Realms

Week 4: Fur - B - Gone

What unfortunate event will strike our party next?

When we last saw the party they were staring into a cathedral in a temple to Torm, Torm’s Peak, which was filled with a handful of dark dwarfs and one much larger the rest. The large Duregar wielded an axe with edges that seemed to vibrate rapidly, increasing the deadliness of his swing. Warren had immediately called out to Torm to smite this foul creature and begun a charge through the other dark dwarfs towards him.

Upon the beginning of the night Warren was finally able to unleash the charge which had been building all week. The duregar seemed caught off guard a bit by Warren’s sudden charge and scrambled to their masters side during the fight. Daffy leveled his crossbow at one of the smaller dwarfs with deadly accuracy. Sena laid a blessing on Warren as he ran past to deliver a devastating barrage of attacks on the large duregar. The barrage nearly killed the dwarf outright but the smaller duregar rushed to his side, pulling out curved black daggers, and proceeded to spill their own blood at his feet. The blood seemed to drain into the large duregar’s feet and his wounds seemed to bother him no more.

Violet and Thor rushed in and took out a few more of the smaller duregar. The fight continued in a similar fashion but the Duregar could not keep pace to the efficient and powerful group before them. Warren severed the head and claimed the axe of the large duregar while Sena tended to the human female who had been crucified to the statue of Torm. Violet, Thor, and Daffy began to search the other duregar and found a symbol embroidered on each of their cloaks. The symbol depicted an anvil with a pool blood underneath it. Shortly after the woman Sena had been healing revealed a ladder to the bell tower where another survivor had taken refuge. The party quickly ascended the ladder to find another priest.

The party discovered that this priest was actually the current leader of Torm’s Peak and he had carried some valuables with him to keep them out of the Duregar’s hands. Luckily for the group these items also included the components they needed for their cleansing ritual as well as a padlocked box, which they were instructed not to open. The party quickly cleared the remaining floor of the temple, using Warren’s newly crafted duregar head belt for intimidation, Daffy’s colorful spells, and Sena’s healing of any hostages wounded in the process, only one duregar eluded death and was know where to be seen by the party.

With haste the party locked down Torm’s Peak and brought all the occupants back to Sundabar. The Dwarf Brothers Heimdal and Raegar stood watch waiting for their companions to return, having finally recovered from what had afflicted them. Brother Kyle greeted the party upon their return but was concerned why the party had brought back the priests with them. After going to a private meeting room Warren laid the bag of duregar heads upon the table and explained what had transpired. The party gave the axe they had taken off the large duregar to the church in hopes they could either cleanse or dispose of the vile weapon. With the Dwarf Brothers present the symbol the group had recovered from the duregar was quickly identified as the Blood Forge Clan, a highly vicious group of mercenaries which had most recently taken credit for the assassination of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep. The padlocked box soon became the next item of interest. Brother Kyle took out the key and slowly opened the box to reveal a large book bound in black leather with golden trim and elven runes reading “The Dark Gauntlet” on the cover.

Sena and Brother Kyle quickly realized what the book’s contents could be as Warren struggled to recall why that sounded so familiar. Brother Kyle explained, “The Dark Gauntlet is the symbol of Bane, the evil god of tyranny, and Torm’s biggest enemy.”. This confused Brother Kyle on many levels, he had expected a book about magical artifacts hopefully to shed some light on the Sun Stone (see what I did there??), and why did Torm’s Peak have a book like this. What evil stories or spells lie between its pages? All of these questions flooded his mind as he sent the party on their way. He would prepare the cleansing for the party and return to study this book after.

After the ritual was preformed the afflicted party members felt such relief as the evil curse vanished from their veins. The groups split up afterwards, Warren and Sena went off to relax after such a troubling journey, while the Heimdall, Raegar, and Daffy headed out to collect information on The Blood Forge Clan from other dwarfs in the area.

After some investigating the group uncovered a possible lead of a dwarven barkeep meeting with a duregar in the sewers. What will happen when we our adventurers venture into the sewers to investigate find out next week!


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